How to Fix a Leaking Roof

There are several ways how to fix a leaking roof, depending on the type of roof and the location of the leak. There are also a few common methods used. You will want to fix your leaking roof sooner than later, as damages can become more costly and troublesome as time goes on.

Fix Your Roof Leak As Soon As Possible

There are several reasons why it’s important to know how to fix a leaking roof as soon as possible. Structural damage, mold and mildew, loss of energy efficiency, and safety hazards can occur. If you don’t fix a roof leak right away, it can lead to further damage over time, and will ultimately end up costing more to repair in the long run. It’s always best to address the issue as soon as possible, to prevent further complications and expenses. That’s why the pros at Tycos are here for you when you ask yourself, “how to fix a leaking roof”.

Leaking Roof

Many Methods for Fixing Your Roof

• Patching: This method is appropriate for small leaks. You’ll need a piece of flashing (a weatherproof material used to seal around roof penetrations), roofing cement, and a putty knife. First, use the putty knife to spread the roofing cement onto the underside of the piece of flashing. Then press the flashing onto the area of the roof where the leak is occurring.

• Sealing: This method is appropriate for leaks around vent pipes or chimneys. You’ll need a tube of roofing sealant and a caulking gun. First, clean the area around the leak with a wire brush. Then apply a bead of sealant around the base of the vent pipe or chimney.

• Replacing shingles: This method is appropriate for leaks caused by missing or damaged shingles. You’ll need new shingles, roofing nails, and a hammer. First, remove the damaged shingles by carefully lifting the edges and prying out the nails. Then, slide the new shingles into place and secure them with roofing nails.

• Replacing flashing: This method is appropriate for leaks around flashing. You’ll need new flashing, roofing cement, and a putty knife. First, remove the old flashing by cutting it into small pieces with a utility knife or tin snips. Clean the area of the old flashing. Then press the new flashing into place and spread roofing cement to seal it.

Choose Tycos for Roof Repair Services You Can Trust

When inquiring about how to fix a leaking roof, it is worth noting that depending on the location of the leak, and the difficulty to access it, it could be better to hire a professional to repair it. The experts at Tycos are well-trusted in the area for all roof repairs as well as replacements. If the problem is more serious or the roof has extensive damage, it may require a full replacement. Additionally, it’s important to identify the cause of the leak and address it to prevent future leaks from occurring. Contact us today for roof repair services you can trust.