The Dangers of a Damaged Roof

While many homeowners choose to put off roof repair, it’s important to remember that the dangers of having a damaged roof are a serious matter. Not only can it be unsightly, but it can lead to structural damage, along with many secondary health and safety issues.

That’s why you should contact professional roofers who can efficiently perform roof replacement and roof installation to prevent accidents in Northern Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Read on to learn the dangers of a damaged roof!


Severe roof leaks cause wood deterioration and weakened roof framing. Weak wood can end up with structural damage if there is a serious roof leak. This means that a good chunk of the deteriorated roof could fall, damaging anything underneath. You should regularly do a roof inspection and protect your family and investment.


If your electrical wiring is in an attic, a roof leak is a genuine threat. It is strongly recommended that you disconnect power to the affected area and call a specialist as soon as possible. In fact, to avoid any fire problems it is recommended to protect the entire structure with a roof maintenance service, and if the damage is too severe, consider roof replacement.


In the long term, one of the most serious consequences of a leaky roof is mold growth. It can spread throughout the entire structure of the home, weakening the roof and walls. Additionally, mold creates respiratory problems for the inhabitants, affecting their quality of life and creating chronic health problems.


You may also face costly wood framing repairs if water leaks into the roof joists and walls. This puts the entire property at risk from roof to foundation, you are probably risking your life and your property is losing its value. In addition, leaks can damage furniture, electronic equipment, windows, and doors; resulting in higher repair costs in the long run.

Keeping your roof in top condition avoids most of the hazards that can result from a damaged roof. Putting the entire structure of your property at risk is some of the collateral damage of having a roof in poor condition. Contact experts in roof repair before it is too late and make your property a safer place!