Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Siding Replacement?

Homeowners insurance provides crucial financial protection for a home. Yet when it comes to siding replacement, homeowners may find themselves wondering if their policy extends to this common home repair need. While homeowners insurance won’t cover siding replacement in all situations, homeowners will be happy to know that they can often get siding replacement projects covered. If you’re asking “Does homeowners insurance cover siding replacement?”, we help you better understand what may be covered by your policy.

Understanding What Homeowners Insurance Provides

Homeowners insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to protect homeowners from financial losses in many different situations. This coverage typically includes protection for the physical structure of the home (dwelling coverage), as well as personal belongings within a home against various perils. Additionally, home insurance often includes liability coverage, which safeguards homeowners against legal and medical expenses if someone is injured on their property.

Homeowners Insurance Siding Replacement

In some cases, homeowners insurance covers siding replacement under the dwelling coverage that it includes. Homeowners insurance won’t typically offer any coverage if the siding is being replaced due to routine wear and tear through the years. However, homeowners insurance will cover siding replacement if siding becomes damaged in an incident that the policy covers.

What Are the Covered Perils on Your Homeowners Policy?

Covered perils in a homeowners insurance policy are the events or causes of damage for which the policy provides financial protection. A standard homeowners insurance policy typically covers perils such as fire, lightning, wind storms, hail, theft, vandalism, explosions, and damage from vehicles or aircraft. However, homeowners should be aware that some perils- such as earthquakes and floods- are usually not covered by standard policies.

If your siding has become damaged due to an event such as a fire, lightning storm, windstorm, hailstorm, burglary, or incident of vandalism, homeowners insurance will probably cover siding replacement costs.

Does Insurance Cover Damaged Siding Replacement?

Siding replacement expenses should be covered by homeowners insurance when they are caused by a peril that the policy covers. Homeowners insurance policies are very specific about what they will and won’t cover. If a homeowner needs to have siding repaired after an incident that caused home damage, they’ll need to read the fine print of their policy to know for sure whether their policy will cover their upcoming siding replacement project.

Replacing Your Home’s Siding

Siding replacement projects are essential for maintaining a home’s appearance and structural integrity. They typically encompass several expenses, including the cost of siding materials, labor, and any necessary permits. The choice of siding material, such as vinyl, wood, or fiber cement, significantly impacts costs. Additionally, expenses may vary based on the extent of the project, including the removal of old siding, repairs to the underlying structure, and insulation installation. Homeowners should also consider factors like disposal fees for old siding materials that must be thrown away. Getting new siding covered by insurance is especially important when one considers all the costs that such a project entails.

Contact Tycos for Help with Your Siding Replacement

While policies should cover siding replacement for damages resulting from covered perils, insurance generally won’t offer coverage for cosmetic issues or gradual wear and tear. It’s crucial for homeowners to thoroughly review their insurance policies and understand exclusions. Fortunately, homeowners in and around Wilmington, DE can contact Tycos Roofing and Siding for assistance with handling the claims process when they use their homeowners insurance for siding replacement expenses.