Tile Roofing in Southern Pennsylvania

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What Is Tile Roofing?

The reddish-orange rounded tiles you often see on Mediterranean villas are terracotta tiles. These tiles were first used because of their ability to channel water off the roof effectively as well as being completely fire-resistant, a very important feature in early towns and cities.

​Tile roofing is made out of a natural, kiln-dried clay that resists heat from the sun better than most other materials and can be completely water-resistant to avoid snow and ice damage in cooler climates. So although these clay tiles are most commonly seen on Mediterranean style buildings, they can complement almost any style of home.

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Why Use Tile Roofing?

The curved design of the tiles makes them extremely strong. They’re long-lasting and durable, great at regulating heat, and offer a unique and spectacular look. Contact us today if you’re looking to replace your tile roof or use tiles to replace an existing style.

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