Learn more about Tycos General Contracting's recent work requests in Wilmington, DE
Barlow Rd in Wilmington
Looking to have a shower gutted and re-tiled
in Wilmington
Two shingles are missing from our roof and need to be replaced. Also, and I'm not sure if you would do this, we have some settling on our front sidewalk near the step and just need a little bit of concrete fill to remove the risk of tripping on the step.
Jeffrey Rd in Wilmington
Stair way ceiling needs to be replaced
Champions Drive in Wilmington
Roof replacement to include sheathing on back side of house. Removal of skylight to include some interior drywall replacement. Instal front gutters and downspout. Window replacement of two double casement and one single casement.
Brookshire Drive in Wilmington
Kitchen reno project. Looking at new cabinets, appliances, refinishing existing wood floors, installing new wood floors, removal of non-load bearing wall, and electrical/plumbing. Thanks.
S Connell Street in Wilmington
I have a few clay roof tiles that need repair. Don't know if you'll be able to replace or simply patch somehow. Home is under contract to sell and repairs must be made with 10 days.
Portal St in Wilmington
In need of a quote for french doors to patio.
Brook Valley Road in Wilmington
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on tycosgencon.com that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: siding. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
N Lincoln St in Wilmington
Front porch roof of 150+ year old wood farm house needs repair/replacement.
Prospect Rd in Wilmington
I need an evaluation of the clay tile/mansard section of my roof. A home inspection indicated that the left side may need some caulk and there are a couple of chipped tiles.
Cleveland Ave in Wilmington
Looking to get a new roof and exhaust vent in bathroom.
Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington
I would like to open a Thai take-out restaurant at 5912 Kirkwood Highway which space of 1,000 SF. However I would like to get a general contractor for only Kitchen part which should have building space around 380 SF. They have gas pipe, and water pipe already. I can send a floor plan to have a future discuss later.
Charles Place in Wilmington
I need a flat roof estimate asap. Thank you
Gravers Lane in Wilmington
Deck replacement
Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington
I am an area maintenance supervisor for marine reserve centers. i am reaching out in reference to my site that i handle in Wilmington, DE. I currently need quotes to replace four very large windows in the gymnasium that are leaking and to replace a door in the vehicle maintenance building with a dutch door.
Justin Lane in Wilmington
We need interior stair railings and balcony fence system
Marsh Rd. in Wilmington
I need an in law suit and second garage added to my existing brick ranch home.
Nevada Avenue in Wilmington
Looking to replace side and back deck
Peirce Rd in Wilmington
Wanting to build a deck
Beverly Place in Wilmington
My husband and I are interested in adding a deck to the back of our home.
Belmont Av in Wilmington
Kitchen Remodeling.
Berrywood Court in Wilmington
I am in need of a replacement steel/ French Doors that exit to our patio. In addition, I had some water swelling on the inside of the french doors and would need some hardwood planks, sanding of all flooring area and new varnish applied. I also have some speckling and corner tape repair/painting that needs to be done.
in Wilmington
Replace deck