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Professional Rook Leak Inspection & Restoring Services

The experts at Tycos Roofing and Siding are extremely experienced and trained to be able to assess all types of roof leak problems.

Certified Roof Leak Repair Services

If you experience a roof leak, turn to the team at Tycos Roofing. We’re a Haag-certified roofing company with extensive experience inspecting and restoring residential and commercial roofs in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Our company is fully licensed and insured in all three states. Tycos is BBB accredited with an A+ rating, and we’ve received training and certifications from the top roofing material manufacturers, including CertainTeed, Firestone, GAF, Johns Manville, Owens Corning, and TAMKO.

The Most Common Roof Leak Causes

Age is the leading cause of leaking roofs. Asphalt shingles, for instance, are made with oils that facilitate expansion and contraction. Those oils dry out over time, which makes the roofing material susceptible to imperfections that allow water intrusion. A roof leak can also occur due to broken or missing shingles, which can happen over time or suddenly due to a severe storm. Clogged gutters allow rain, snow, and ice to accumulate in a manner that leads to leaks. Damaged or missing flashing makes a roof vulnerable to water damage. Roof vents that were improperly installed or damaged can lead to leaking, and condensation issues in an attic can result in mold growth and more serious water damage.

Roof Leak Repair

Why Choose Tycos?

Tycos is licensed, certified, and experienced. Our roofers are factory trained, and our roof inspectors are Haag certified. We only use the best roofing materials from the top brands, and our roofing methods are thorough, meticulous, and refined, and they exceed building code and manufacturer warranty requirements. When you choose Tycos to fix your roof leak, you do so with the peace of mind that we’re going to carry out a precision repair that will stand the test of time.

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Problems That Arise With a Roof Leak

A roof leak is an issue that will worsen with time and continue to compromise the roof, but the possible damage isn’t limited to the roof alone. Even before you see signs of damage, your home or building is likely experiencing water damage to the sheathing and eventually structural aspects.

Water will ultimately make its way to the interior ceilings, which will stain them, lead to mildew or mold growth, and cause them to fall apart. You will then experience stained walls and perhaps wet insulation, which will lessen the R-value and potentially lead to dangerous black mold. If the problem persists, you can also experience floor damage, loss of personal property, and even serious foundation problems.

Why You Should Hire a Haag-Certified Roofing Company

While there are many roofing contractors that will carry out roof repairs, most of them are not equipped to assess roof damage accurately and perform a restoration. Tycos has roof inspectors that have earned their Haag certification. Haag is a company that specializes in forensic engineering, and it hosts educational programs for roof inspectors. During this program, the inspectors get many hours of on-roof experience alongside forensic engineers learning about the different roofing systems, roof materials, how rain and hail interact with roofs, how to assess damage, and how to correct that damage in a manner that restores the roof to a condition that will protect the building in the years ahead.

Problems with a Roof Leak

What to Watch Out For

Often, there will be signs of a problem before a roof leak occurs, and you may be able to spot these issues through cursory inspections that you perform from the ground on a routine basis and after any severe storm. Look for shingles that are missing or are curled up at the edges, bent, torn, or otherwise damaged. Make sure that all visible flashing is in place and not damaged or rusted. Pay particular attention to chimneys and any areas where tree branches did or may have fallen. Examine your gutters to ensure that they’re in good health, and schedule gutter cleaning at least twice a year.

Service Area - Broken Shingle Repair Services

Broken or Bent Shingles

Shingles that are broken or bent are deteriorated and should be replaced. If too many shingles are cracked or missing, moisture can collect in the attic, causing a variety of other problems.

Roof Flashing

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is commonly found around chimneys and can deteriorate with time. High winds can damage shingles and flashing, potentially producing a leak near the base of the chimney.

Gutter Repairs

Damaged Gutters

Tree limbs and gutter build-up can damage your gutters over time. Roof materials, such as shingles, can accumulate in gutters. If you see shingles in your gutter, you may have a roof leak.

Commercial Roofing Service

Tree Branches

Tree branches may fall during a storm and harm your roof’s shingles, flashing, or gutters. If you observe huge tree branches on your roof, you should inspect it for potential damage.

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Inspection Service by Tycos

If there is any potential for roof damage, you should schedule a professional inspection, and you can request a free inspection from Tycos through our website or by phone. We’ll have one of our Haag-certified inspectors come to your home or business and perform a comprehensive inspection that extends to all aspects of your roofing system, including the gutters. Our inspector will then discuss the state of the roof with you and answer any questions that you may have. If your roof does require repair or replacement, our inspector can discuss those services with you and provide an estimate.

The Best Roofing Materials From the Top Brands

Another reason to choose Tycos whether you need a roof leak repaired or your home or business reroofed is that we only use the highest-quality roofing products from trusted brands. We never cut any corners, and using the best roofing materials available ensures that your home or building is fully protected for many years to come.

Trust Tycos to Fix Your Roof Leak

Choose Tycos if you have a roof leak or for any other roofing problems because we’re an established and trusted roofing company that delivers the superior craftsmanship you deserve. Contact us online today to schedule an inspection, or if you have any questions that you would like answered.