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Professional Board and Batten Siding Replacement

Trust Tycos Roofing and Siding for your board and batten siding installation or replacement that will last for decades.

Board & Batten Siding Installation

If you own a home or commercial building in the Delaware Valley or surrounding areas and would like to upgrade it with new board and batten siding, Tycos Roofing is the company to trust. We are a fully licensed and insured siding contractor that installs both fiber cement siding and vinyl siding and offer a wide range of premium siding products from the most trusted brands.

What Is Board & Batten?

Board and batten siding has vertical rather than horizontal panels. It gets its name from the fact that narrow wood boards, called battens, are used to cover the seams between the larger panel boards used to side the structure. This type of siding has been used in America since Colonial times. In the past, it was primarily used for barns and sheds and thus is often associated with a rustic aesthetic. But there are many different types of board and batten siding on the market today, and it has become a trendy option for modern home and building design.

Board and Batten Siding Installation
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Why You Should Choose Tycos

Tycos is the right choice for your board and batten siding installation because we are an established and trusted siding contractor with many years of experience. We only use the highest quality materials available, and our siding installers are certified professionals who deliver superior craftsmanship in accordance with all building codes and manufacturer warranty requirements. Tycos also prides itself on exceptional customer service and care and has earned BBB accreditation with an A+ rating.

Is It Time for New Siding?

Board and batten siding is an excellent choice when it comes time to replace your home’s siding, but how do you know when that time is? Our recommendation is to replace your siding proactively based on its expected lifespan. If you currently have siding rated to last 40 years and it’s in reasonably good condition, then replace it as you approach that 40-year mark rather than trying to squeeze more life out of it and running the risk of water damage. If your siding is wearing out sooner than expected or you have perhaps waited a bit too long, there will be indications. These include panels that are missing, cracked, warped, or rotting, siding that blisters or bubbles, and fungus or mold growth. You should also monitor your energy bills as a sudden spike could be the result of your siding underperforming.

Premium Materials

Siding replacement that will protect and beautify your home for many years to come begins with choosing a high-quality siding product that will stand the test of time. Our team installs both fiber cement and vinyl siding and offers many premium materials that are backed by the industry’s best warranties. When it comes to fiber cement siding, we’re preferential to James Hardie, which is the original fiber cement siding product and widely considered the best siding material available.

The Benefits of Board & Batten

Board and batten siding is a beautiful siding option that enhances curb appeal and adds real value to a home. There is also an advantage in its verticalness in that most homes have clapboard and other horizontal panels, and that makes your house stand out. This style of siding is affordable and requires little to no maintenance. It provides excellent protection against the elements and lasts a long time too, which means that it has a low total cost of ownership.

Benefits of Board and Batten

Board & Batten Over Stucco

Stucco removal can be expensive and time-consuming, but we offer an alternative, which involves installing new board and batten siding over the old stucco. What we’ll do is inspect the stucco to ensure that it’s sound and a suitable candidate for this approach. Our team will then prep the stucco to create a seal, and finally, we’ll install the new siding just as if we were installing it on a bare structure.

Emergency Board & Batten Repair

Tycos offers a full range of siding repair services. We appreciate that some siding damage can’t simply wait until tomorrow and have siding repair experts on call at all hours of the day and night, including weekends and holidays. Even if we can’t carry out a full repair or replacement due to ongoing severe weather or other circumstances, we can at least stabilize the issue so that no further damage occurs before we can complete the job.

Trust Tycos for Your Board & Batten Installation

Many homeowners and businesses have trusted Tycos for board and batten siding installation, and we can beautify and protect your home or business at a competitive price. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or with any questions about the siding products and services we offer.