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Get Rid of That Old Stucco on Your Home

Exterior remodeling can take an old, outdated home and make it look brand new. Here at Tycos Roofing and Siding, we know that even small changes can make a big impact. That’s why we offer stucco removal for homes from Delaware and Pennsylvania to New Jersey. Your home doesn’t have to be stuck in the past with antiquated stucco siding. Options such as vinyl siding and fiber cement siding are not only going to give your home a modern, updated look, but you’re also going to find that those options are much better suited to the northeastern climate. If your home is in need of stucco removal, our team is here to help.

Stucco Siding Replacement
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Should I Remove or Replace My Stucco?

There are many reasons why home and business owners in Delaware and Pennsylvania may want to move on from stucco siding. Common issues with stucco include moisture penetration, wall rot behind the stucco, mold, cracking siding, and improper installation, which is common with this siding style. In addition, warranties for stucco siding are uncommon, so the property owner usually has little protection should something go wrong. Tycos Roofing and Siding offers our customers two main options. Stucco removal may be necessary if the siding or the structure has water and other damage. If the stucco is in good shape, a siding over stucco approach is very effective while being more affordable and less time intensive. In either case, Tycos can then install fiber cement siding or vinyl siding.

Moisture Penetration

Stucco is prone to cracking, and while those cracks are often small, they allow moisture to penetrate the siding. That moisture becomes trapped, discolors the siding, and eventually leads to significant water damage.

Rotting Walls

Wall rot is a common problem that can happen to any structure with stucco siding. Rotting walls can occur due to water damage but also if the stucco was applied too thin or the drainage system was badly designed or installed.

Cracking Siding

Over time, stucco will contract, expand, and even shift. Such imperfections can occur due to hot and cold temperatures but also other external pressures and will lead to water penetration that causes more serious problems.

Underlying Mold

Stucco that has moisture trapped behind it is prone to mildew and even mold. How severe the mold problem is depends on a range of factors, but it is not uncommon to find black mold infestations, which are quite serious.

Poor Installation

Many stucco problems are due to improper installation. Stucco requires multiple layers, including asphalt paper, a rain barrier, a mesh layer, and multiple stucco layers, and each must be installed precisely to achieve a watertight seal.

Improve Curb Appeal

While stucco looks beautiful when installed well and intact, it looks unattractive when it is cracked and water damaged. By moving on from stucco siding to either fiber cement or vinyl, you can restore the curb appeal of your home.

Can I Install Siding Over Stucco?

Yes! Tycos can install both vinyl siding and fiber cement siding over stucco. In fact, this approach is often preferable to stucco removal because it is less expensive and time intensive while allowing for the same protection and curb appeal. While stucco removal is avoidable in most cases, it is not a suitable option for all structures. However, your stucco siding doesn’t need to be in perfect condition. Typically, our siding experts are able to repair any damage to the stucco and prepare it for the new siding.

Maintenance-Free Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding Over Stucco

The most popular option, vinyl siding comes in a variety of designs, textures, and hues. This substance has a high R-value, is long-lasting and maintenance-free, and can be found in an insulated form.

Benefits Of Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding Over Stucco

Tycos chooses the James Hardie brand because it makes the best fiber cement siding available. Fiber cement continues to be a top choice for homes because it lasts for 50 years or more, and it gives a home an attractive, traditional aesthetic.

How We Fix Stucco Siding Issues

When installing siding over stucco, it’s necessary to prep the stucco in order to ensure that it does not crumble behind your new siding. To do that, we’ll ensure that the stucco is intact and in good condition, and in areas where it is not, our team will scrape away all loose material and patch those areas with mortar. Since the stucco will be covered, the focus here is on the quality of the stucco and patches rather than aesthetics. Our team will then install furring strips, which are made from treated wood and prevent the stucco from transferring moisture. We can then install insulation, which we recommend but is optional, and finally, our expert siding installers will hang your new siding.

Choose Tycos for Your Siding Replacement & Installation Services

Tycos Roofing and Siding is an established and trusted company that many area home and business owners rely on, and we look forward to making you our next loyal customer. Call us today or contact us online if you would like to schedule an on-site consultation or have any questions about our stucco removal and siding over stucco services.